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Network Engineering Immersive



Network Engineering Immersive
Mastering the Future of Networking: From Fundamentals to Full Stack Engineering.
Our streamlined pathway from Network Basics to Full Stack Engineering guarantees no prior deep technical knowledge is required. In this program, students will construct the foundation to master today's most sought-after networking tools and technologies.
Student Experience Unveiled: Schedules,Training, Networking, & Beyond

Our holistic program spans 520 hours and can be effectively completed in 13 weeks, with sessions running from Mon to Fri between 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

In-Depth Training to Prepare You for the Industry

Step into the shoes of a proficient network engineer. Delve deep into the core of network engineering, engaging with seasoned professionals through comprehensive lectures, hands-on exercises, and impactful client projects.

Interact with Renowned Network Engineering Professionals

Our curriculum offers you unparalleled opportunities to immerse yourself and engage with leading figures in the network engineering domain and technologists from the globe.

Build a Strong Professional Network in Network Engineering

Reinvent and propel your career forward alongside like-minded individuals and prospective collaborators, both in our physical classrooms and through our innovative Connected Classroom platform. Discover the myriad trajectories your career can take in the high-demand field of network engineering from experts with a wealth of experience. The Network Engineering Immersive community, with its rich pool of alumni and industry practitioners, is an invaluable asset and cornerstone of our program.

A Glimpse into Our Comprehensive Program: Key Modules & Details

Network Foundations:

Kickstart your IT journey by exploring the roadmap to becoming a Network Engineer and grasping essential IT architectures. Delve into foundational IT and networking concepts, including the OSI Model, Ethernet, VLANs, TCP/UDP, and topologies. Master IP addressing and subnetting, transitioning from IPv4 basics to an introduction to IPv6. Discover the intricacies of Ethernet, LANs, and switching, including hands-on cable creation. Dive deeper into IP routing in both LANs and WANs, learning about static and dynamic routing. Explore full-stack networking, covering security, wireless networking, voice over IP, and virtualization. Finally, immerse in real-world network engineering, acquainting yourself with vital tools, technologies, and simulation practices.

Modern Project Portfolio:

The Network Engineering Immersive (NEI) Program transforms students into proficient network engineers through a blend of theoretical instruction and hands-on practice. Spanning three weeks, the curriculum has them undertake three major IT projects. They initiate with the Planning Phase, crafting project diagrams and a comprehensive Statement of Work. This evolves into the Execution Phase where plans become tangible solutions. In the Controlling Phase, meticulous testing ensures quality, while addressing customer needs. Concluding with the Closing Phase, students present a holistic Full Stack Network, encapsulating facets like routing and network security, readying them for real-world IT project management.

Simulating Complex Networks:

This module emphasizes the practical validation of students' networking skills. Initially, participants undergo preparation labs designed to fortify the knowledge they'll need for the Skills Qualification Check (SQC). During the SQC week, students, within an 8-hour timeframe on an online lab platform, must achieve at least 80% completion and resolve troubleshooting challenges to demonstrate their hands-on proficiency. Beyond technical skills, the module also focuses on career development. Through the Career Workshop #1, students refine their job applications, learn personal branding, and become adept at tailoring their resumes and answering common interview questions, ensuring readiness for the job market.

Network Associate Certification Prep

The module delves deep into bolstering foundational knowledge for aspiring network engineers. It initiates with an exploration of essential security concepts vital in today's interconnected digital landscape. This section underscores the importance of safeguarding networked systems using advanced techniques like VPNs, DHCP snooping, and port security. Next, students are introduced to the evolving domain of network automation, including controller-based networking, REST-based APIs, and tools like Puppet and Ansible. Preparing for the exam becomes a pivotal point, where students not only get test strategies and a practice session but also prepare for pertinent industry certifications. Lastly, students immerse in a simulated hiring process, enhancing their job application and interview skills, ensuring they're primed for real-world job hunts.


By the end of this course you will have the skills needed to acquire CompTIA Network+, CISCO and/or Fortinet Certs, Optional vouchers available for two Network Specialty exams.

Network Engineering Jobs

Equip yourself to succeed in a career such as Network Technician, Network Support Specialist, Network Administrator (Junior), IT Support Specialist, Network Analyst (Junior), Help Desk Technician, IT Support Analyst, Systems Administrator (Entry-level), Network Operations Center (NOC) Technician, Network Assistant, Technical Support Engineer, Entry-level Network Engineer, IT Technician, LAN/WAN Administrator (Junior)


Complete our Network Infrastructure Tech Prep when available prior to the program start.

Learn From The Best: Instructors for Every Learner's Journey

Our instructors represent the brightest professionals from the Information Technology Industry. They bring in-depth experience from the field to the classroom each day, providing invaluable insights into succeeding on the job.

Bret Harder, ‎Lead Network Engineering Instructor

Eric Foulkrod, Michigan, Cyber and Network Engineering Instructor

Douglas Boynton, Cyber and Network Engineering Instructor

Career Services Support: Empowering Success in Your Future Career

Strategy and Accountability

Our Career Services team works with you to individualize your path to a new career. Stay on track and motivated from the first day of class!

Resume Review

Learn how to design and tailor your resume to land the career you are looking for. Remember: every word counts.

LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn profiles are now mandatory extensions of our resumes. Setting up a thoughtful, well-written profile is the make or break for many inquiring employers. Using industry tips and tricks, we’ll work with you to spruce up yours.

Interview Preparation

Set up mock interviews to nail the real thing. Learn to develop effective interview strategies, get detailed feedback, and reduce stress before actual interviews.

Networking Opportunities

Learn how to navigate uncharted networking waters, tap into our expanding Divergence Alumni network, and watch your support and contacts grow!

From Application to Orientation: Your Admissions Roadmap
Step 1
Begin your journey by discussing your background, preferred pathway, scheduling preferences (10 weeks vs 20 weeks), funding choices, and more with our Admissions Team. Let's align your vision with our offerings.
Apply now
Step 2
Tech prep courses
Eager learners, you can kickstart your educational path right away. Before diving into the main program, you'll get free access to our Cybersecurity and Cloud Engineering Tech Prep. These foundational courses equip you with essential knowledge, ensuring you're well-prepared and confident on your first day of the program.
Step 3
Congratulations! With your funding confirmed, you're now officially accepted into the program. Keep an eye on your inbox for a personalized Acceptance Letter. Should you questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at 833-DIVERGE.
Step 4
Ready to embark on your journey? To ensure a smooth start, our Student Success Director will introduce you to the learning platform a week before your program begins. Additionally, they'll guide you through the TWC enrollment paperwork and give you an opportunity to meet your dedicated Student Success Advisor and fellow learners in the program. Let's set the stage for success together!
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