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Cybersecurity Professional Penetration Tester

Cybersecurity Professional Penetration Tester
Penetration Testing. Providing Strong Cybersecurity Infrastructure.
Divergence Academy is the very first institute bringing programs at the intersection of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Students graduate with sought-after knowledge, priming them for careers as tier 1 security engineers, threat analysts, and pen testers.
Student Experience Unveiled: Schedules,Training, Networking, & Beyond

Our comprehensive program offers 400  hours of content, with 160 hours of theory and 240 hours of practical labs.  We provide three scheduling options, tailored to your needs, all in Central  Time (CT):

- Monday through Friday, 9:00  AM to 6:00 PM CT over 10 weeks.

- Monday through Friday, 9:00  AM to 1:00 PM CT across 20 weeks.

- Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday  from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM CT, and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CT over 20  weeks.

*Kindly note that these schedules  might not be offered simultaneously. Based on demand and availability,  adjustments to your intended start date may be necessary to coincide with  your chosen schedule.

Transformative Training with a Career  Focus:

Embark on your journey to become a  top-tier ethical hacker under the guidance of industry professionals. Our  program blends enlightening lectures, investigative research, and real-world  simulations, ensuring you're not just skilled but also job-ready. And with  our exclusive voucher budget, your newfound knowledge paves the way for a  coveted certification—at no extra cost to you.

Network and Learn with Industry Leaders:

Beyond traditional instruction, every Friday is an opportunity  for "Lunch n Learns", where you engage with industry champions,  recruitment experts, or alumni. Obtain insights, prepare for post-graduation  opportunities, and get insider tips on acing interviews.

Unparalleled Support Throughout Your  Journey:

Your success is our priority. From day  one, dedicated student success advisors guide you—from orientation to celebrating  you landing your dream job post-graduation. And it doesn’t stop there; our  instructors aren't just educators—they're active industry professionals. They  bring to the classroom current, real-world challenges, ensuring you’re always  ahead of the curve and prepared for the evolving landscape of ethical  hacking. Join the DA community and tap into a reservoir of knowledge,  guidance, and opportunity like no other.

A Glimpse into Our Comprehensive Program: Key Modules & Details

Security Foundations:

Get equipped with foundational cybersecurity knowledge, emphasizing hands-on practical skills for securing networks, managing vulnerabilities, and understanding legal and regulatory issues in cybersecurity. This module covers threat management, cryptography, risk identification, and mitigation strategies.

Networking and Infrastructure:

Delve deep into network design, management, and hands-on troubleshooting of small, medium, and large simulated networks for network resiliency. The module covers server hardware, software, and best practices in their deployment. In addition, the infrastructure focus includes gaining a solid grasp of Linux system administration and configurations to forge skills in networking, server management, and the Linux operating environment. With a strong emphasis on hands-on experience in Networking and Infrastructure, you'll take on the unique challenge of building a Cyber range, a vital simulated environment designed to sharpen your penetration testing abilities.

Defense Testing:

Delve into penetration testing methodologies and management equipped with the tools to identify and tackle security vulnerabilities. Through extensive hands-on labs, navigate various scenarios in a networked environment, unearthing potential threats. The penultimate course of this module is the Pentesting Scenarios where you will engage in real-life penetration testing simulations, preparing you for the challenges of safeguarding information systems. This rigorous training culminates in the potential achievement of the Professional Hacker Divergence Certified (PHDC)status, signifying proficiency in penetration testing. The Project capstone for Pentest Report Writing stands as a cornerstone, ensuring not only detect vulnerabilities but also effectively communicate their findings, anchoring a comprehensive cybersecurity approach.


Upon completing our Cybersecurity program, you'll be ideally  positioned to pursue respected certifications such as CompTIA Server+,  CompTIA Linux+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, and CompTIA Pentest+.  Acknowledging the critical importance of these certifications in the  cybersecurity realm, we're pleased to offer a voucher budget for each student  in line with our voucher policy. This initiative enables you to confidently  approach these certifications, enhancing your professional credentials and  broadening your career prospects in the field of cybersecurity.


To be eligible for our Cybersecurity program, candidates need to  possess a high school diploma. Furthermore, to ensure a robust grounding in basic  cybersecurity concepts, we mandate that students undergo our Cybersecurity  Tech Prep course prior to the start of the main program. Accessing this  essential tech prep course is straightforward—just complete our application  form, and you'll receive complimentary access, regardless of whether or not you choose to attend our program.

Learn From The Best: Instructors for Every Learner's Journey

Our cybersecurity instructors stand as  unparalleled pillars of expertise and dedication in the dynamic world of  cybersecurity. With rich years of experience under their belts and roles in  the industry that many of our learners aspire to reach, they don't just  teach; they inspire. They are not just certified professionals, but they are  also deeply embedded in the real-time challenges and solutions of today's  cybersecurity landscape. Such first-hand insights ensure that they infuse our  classrooms with the most current and actionable knowledge, setting our  students up for industry readiness.

What truly elevates our instructors is  their heartfelt commitment to the success of every student. Driven by a  profound passion for education, they have a unique ability to demystify even  the most complex cybersecurity topics. Understanding the diverse backgrounds  and aspirations of our learners, they tailor their approach to resonate with  everyone, ensuring that each student, regardless of prior knowledge, feels  equipped and empowered. Their support isn't just academic; it's transformative.

Logan Hillard

Douglas Boynton

Shane Walker

Xerxes Cama

Ralph Lloren

Eric Foulkrod And more!

Career Services Support: Empowering Success in Your Future Career

Career Strategy & Empowerment:

At Divergence Academy, we take a personalized approach to your  career aspirations. Our dedicated Career Services team collaborates with you  from day one, ensuring you remain inspired and aligned with your professional  goals throughout the program.

Mastering the Resume Craft:

It's more than just a piece of paper. We teach you the art of  crafting a compelling resume, emphasizing the significance of every word,  ensuring it resonates with the roles you desire.

LinkedIn Mastery:

In the digital age, a LinkedIn profile isn't just an extension—it's  a crucial part of your professional identity. We provide insider insights on  optimizing your profile, making it a magnet for potential employers.

Ace the Interview:

More than just preparation, our program offers mock interview  sessions. This immersive experience, combined with actionable feedback,  equips you with the confidence and strategies to shine during real-life  interviews.

Expansive Networking:

Delve into the vast realm of professional networking with our  weekly "Lunch n Learns" every Friday. These sessions provide an  avenue to engage with industry champions and recruitment experts. Benefit  further from our robust Divergence Alumni network, expanding your circle and  reinforcing your career foundation. Your opportunities to connect, learn, and  grow are endless with us.

Integrated Career Workshops:

Beyond our core curriculum, we've intricately woven career  services workshops into the program. This ensures that by graduation, you're  not only equipped with knowledge but also exude job readiness.

AI-Powered Job Search:

Step into the future with the revolutionary Job Machine. Select  students experience this AI-driven tool that streamlines the application  process for numerous jobs and ensures your job hunt remains organized and  efficient. With our enhanced Career and Placement Services by your side,  venturing into the vast ocean of career prospects becomes a seamlessly  navigable journey. Your dream career is not just within sight—it's within  grasp.

From Application to Orientation: Your Admissions Roadmap
Step 1
Begin your journey by discussing your background, preferred pathway, scheduling preferences (10 weeks vs 20 weeks), funding choices, and more with our Admissions Team. Let's align your vision with our offerings.
Apply now
Step 2
Tech prep courses
Eager learners, you can kickstart your educational path right away. Before diving into the main program, you'll get free access to our Cybersecurity and Cloud Engineering Tech Prep. These foundational courses equip you with essential knowledge, ensuring you're well-prepared and confident on your first day of the program.
Step 3
Congratulations! With your funding confirmed, you're now officially accepted into the program. Keep an eye on your inbox for a personalized Acceptance Letter. Should you questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at 833-DIVERGE.
Step 4
Ready to embark on your journey? To ensure a smooth start, our Student Success Director will introduce you to the learning platform a week before your program begins. Additionally, they'll guide you through the TWC enrollment paperwork and give you an opportunity to meet your dedicated Student Success Advisor and fellow learners in the program. Let's set the stage for success together!
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