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Your Next Step into Emerging Tech

Propel your career transition into the fields of AI, cloud, and cybersecurity.
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Welcome to Divergence Academy

At Divergence Academy, our ultimate measure of success is the placement of our alumni post-graduation. Every facet of our program is meticulously designed with this goal in mind, and we are in persistent collaboration with industry experts to enhance our offerings.

Our Student Success Advisors are your unwavering support throughout your educational journey. As you transition to the professional world, our Career and Placement Services team takes the lead, providing expert guidance and dedicated assistance to ensure you achieve your employment goals.
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Real-World Skills for Day-One Success

Learn more about our programs and how they set you up to land amazing careers and opportunities in the fields of emerging tech.
Cybersecurity Penetration Tester

Penetration Testing. Providing Strong Cybersecurity Infrastructure.

Cloud Engineering Immersive

Continuous Security. Separate noise from threat with DevSecOps automation.

Security Operations Management Immersive

Continuous Compliance. Stay agile to meet regulatory standards through continuous monitoring and security control assessments.

Network Engineering Immersive

Mastering the Future of Networking: From Fundamentals to Full Stack Engineering.

Our Students Testimonials

What our Students have to say

Divergence gave me the tools to pursue the career I wanted, and this career I chose has given me the resources to accomplish my dream. I truly believe that.

The Cloud Engineering Immersive course gave me theoretical knowledge and practical insights that I now employ daily at my current position. The course emphasized practical training, notably through initiatives like the Professional Hacking Challenge, which has been instrumental in developing my capabilities in IT leadership. It has been a cornerstone in refining my technical savvy and fostering a more nuanced leadership style

Anticipating the future of networking? Dive deep with our all-new Network Engineering Immersive Program launching in 2024. Designed with industry insights and tailored for tomorrow's challenges, this program promises a transformative journey into the heart of network engineering. Don't miss out on shaping the next wave of networking expertise.

I didn't want a program that would only give me a basic foundation. I wanted something that would immerse me right into the strategic and management side of cybersecurity. Divergence gave me access to strategic, concentrated modules that were focused on the big picture. SOMI had everything I wanted—risk management with a focus on Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) as a big, strategic eagle’s eye view of Cyber.

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Experience the Edge:
Where Knowledge Meets Opportunity

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Leverage expert-led instruction & real-world experience

We believe that hands-on experience is the key to unlocking a successful career, so our instructors aren't just educators, but active professionals in the very fields our students aspire to join. They bring firsthand insights into the challenges you'll face and how to overcome them, enriching the classroom with scenarios directly from the frontlines. Dive in with confidence, knowing our curriculum is always aligned with industry trends, powered by experts who live them daily.

Mentorship at each step of your journey

Embark on your educational journey with the heartfelt support of our Student Success Advisors. They're more than just advisors—they're your personal champions. Committed to every learner's success, they deeply care about guiding each student not just to graduation, but to landing a dream job in their chosen field. Their passion goes beyond academics; it's about nurturing your personal growth, helping you conquer challenges, and instilling a mindset set on victory. With their wealth of insights and genuine dedication, they're here to ensure your every success.

An AI-engine that drives your job search

Step confidently towards your future as we pave the way to your dream career. Among the many tools we've equipped our enhanced Career and Placement Services team with, the Job Machine stands out, harnessing the power of AI. It empowers select students by streamlining the application process to hundreds of jobs and keeping their search organized. With us, diving into a sea of career opportunities is not just a dream—it's a reality made efficient.

Access Our Tech Prep Courses

Set yourself up for success with our free introductory lessons in Cybersecurity, Cloud Engineering, and Data Science, these tech prep courses are a vital pre-requisite for our immersive programs.


Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors are industry professionals who bring real-world experience and a deep passion for their subjects into the classroom. This unique blend of expertise ensures that our students receive practical insights and cutting-edge knowledge that can propel them towards success in their chosen fields.

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