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Increase your organization’s longevity through ready-to-hire talent and corporate training programs tailored specifically to your business needs. Partner with us to drive innovation and growth.

You’ll be in good company.

We're proud to partner with incredible employers who are eager to hire our diverse,ready-to-work tech talent.


Student Recuitment

Student Recuitment

Leverage a diverse talent pool of Divergence learners to drive growth and innovation. Our students come from all backgrounds and industries but share a very important characteristic—an entrepreneurial mindset.

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As your official Apprenticeship sponsor and training provider, we’ll design and build your custom Apprenticeship Program.

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Business Advisory & Consulting

Business Advisory & Consulting

In an evolving and competitive marketplace, we understand that the need for talent is critical. Your organization is unique with specific industry requirements, our
seasoned tech experts can develop corporate training and talent development solutions tailor-fit for your business needs.

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Professional Development Courses

Development Courses

Keep your organization agile in the digital age through short courses and custom employee training programs. Leverage our immersive corporate workshops to help your executives and employees build the right skill sets for emerging tech.

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Tap into and Source Military Talent

We connect military veterans with civilian companies looking to hire warriors with valuable skill sets. Our veterans are this nation’s greatest source of untapped talent—having both military and leadership skills that directly translate to the tech industry.

Veterans embody the characteristics and skills that hiring managers want most—such as risk management, teamwork, problem-solving, mission orientation, and loyalty. Many of the best minds in the world today have served in our armed forces, and now they're ready to serve you.

Looking to build a cleared talent pipeline? Connect with veterans with different levels of security clearances.
Get the support you need for your organization while also supporting military families and homegrown talent.
Veterans are an extremely diverse group of individuals, sure to add a variety of thought-provoking perspectives to your team.
Honors and Recognitions
Why Partner with Divergence?
Join our Preferred Partner Employer Network

We bring the best of our resources and consulting practices to help you improve your organization’s skillsets. Partner with us and build a consistent talent pipeline for emerging tech talent today.

Speak at our Lunch & Learns

Attract and engage more qualified candidates by speaking at our Industry Day Lunch & Learns. Gain immediate visibility with talented candidates and leverage a new source for diversity and inclusion.

Participate in our Virtual Career Fairs

Attend our Virtual Career Fairs and automatically become a Preferred Employer Partner. Get first pick among our most qualified and talented alumni and meet your company’s hiring requirements with top-tier IT talent.

Get exclusive invites to Divergence Events

Gain exclusive access to special events made just for you. Meet and collaborate with talented executives and thought leaders in the DFW area. Network with like-minded leaders in the world of emerging tech.


We bring communities together through the Nabla Network—our global association of business technology professionals. By partnering with Divergence, you’ll gain access to this innovative hub. In becoming a member of this selective group of leaders, you’ll also gain entry to our North Texas Interface events—where innovators across industries gather to share their growth mindset. We are also happy to be the hub for your next melting pot of thought: Divergence is excellently equipped to host your next event at our just under 10,000 sq ft space. From Veteran Service organizations to Driving Educational awareness of emerging tech through Hack the Box events, we’ll help bring communities together under one roof.

Divergence have been incredible partners to my team. Fallon has been quick with getting qualified candidates in front of me and asks great questions to clarify the needs of my team. I have been able to place a couple students in various programs and the students have done an amazing job with our clients!

Justin Santillan
Diversity Talent Specialist, TEKsystems
Hackers and Heroes

Hackers and Heroes by Divergence Academy President Sravan Ankaraju aims to educate readers—ideally, corporate executives, business leaders, policy makers, and the 157 million people who comprise the American workforce—on the rapid and massive technological change underway while encouraging them to prepare for the disruption this will bring in the form of chronic employment uncertainty. The idea that someone lands a job after graduating from college and stays at that position for forty years is extinct. Today’s workers—at all levels—must be prepared to change jobs as tech continues to make efficiency inroads and renders obsolete certain human-powered positions. But, if we prepare wisely, we should consider this a boon, not a tragedy—but success hinges on our approach, and the right kind of education is paramount. The current model of educating and training our workforce is outmoded, and it is imperative for employers and employees to understand the forces of change underway and to prepare to meet them.

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Industry Expertise in Organizational Solutions

Divergence is a full-service organization for corporate learning and development. We will custom-fit our solutions to your unique challenges. From corporate training programs to consulting services — you’ll be working one-on-one with our passionate industry experts

Sravan Ankaraju
CEO & Founder

Sravan Ankaraju is the founder and president of Divergence Academy. He now thrives in the world of machine learning, understanding the intricacies of pipeline jungles and hidden feedback loops.

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