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About Us

Divergence Academy prepares today’s learners for tomorrow’s top tech careers. Our courses will teach you the most relevant skills of the 21st century—from data science to cybersecurity and more.

The Cheshire pathways are designed to help students prepare for a promising career in technology. Each pathway contains three modules of classes:

(120 - 160 hours)
For onboarding students into the technology track of their choosing.
(120 hours)
For speeding up students’ understanding of important tech concepts.
(120 - 160 hours)
For bridging the gap between the classroom and the workplace, preparing our students to get hired in no time.
Our Culture

At Divergence Academy, student placement is our #1 yardstick. In other words, we are laser-focused on preparing our students to get hired by top tech companies in this incredibly competitive job landscape. Here’s how we do it:

We think big:
As a premier vocational trade school for emerging technologies, we never settle for less than the best. By challenging our ideas of what’s possible, we can best meet the needs of our learners and employers.
We take accountability:
With empathy and humility, we seek win-for-all solutions. We hold ourselves accountable for any and all outcomes—and never pass the buck.
We’re in is for the long haul:
When you join us, you are stuck with us. We hired you for you not just for this job. We know the best people move up and often go on to start their own companies. We want to help you get where you want to go.
We make a difference every day:
By passionately working toward unique solutions to complicated problems, we help students drive real-world impact.
We strive for continual improvement:
Divergence relentlessly pursues the personal and professional growth of our students. Our success-oriented perspective focuses on finding new ways to propel them to success.
We build relationships:
Divergence has an incredible network of employers, partners, and learners. Together, we’re able to deliver remarkable results.
Our Team
Sravan Ankaraju
(Founder and President)
Sravan Ankaraju is the founder and president of Divergence Academy. As an early-stage developer, he produced complex, large-scale transactional systems that applied various tree-based algorithms. By embracing risk-based assessments and machine learning models, he gradually moved large teams at Microsoft from reactive to predictive to prescriptive support. He now thrives in the world of machine learning, understanding the intricacies of pipeline jungles and hidden feedback loops.
Jeremy Case Copeland
(Director of Compliance & Workforce Development)
Coming soon!
Andrea Cardenas
(Student Success Advisor)
Coming soon!
Bret Harder
(Director of IT & Managed Services)
Bret has certifications from CompTIA and FortiNet and has worked in different areas of IT for most of his adult life, starting his career at a small internet service provider in Oklahoma. Now, as Director of Divergence Academy’s IT & Managed Services department, he’s responsible for our network and infrastructure.
Iyana Smith
(Employment Success Specialist)
Coming soon!
Michelle Adling
(Program Manager, Learning Products)
Coming soon!
Mayank Ankaraju
(Financial Aid)
Coming soon!
Albert Feliciano
Director of Academics
Al is a Texas transplant from Rochester, NY who moved to Texas in 2013. He spent many years of his early life in Law Enforcement and securities. Since 2013, Al has served in the US Army Texas National Guard as an Infantryman (11B). He has had multiple activations and deployments. Al still serves to this day while an employee at Divergence Academy. Al is a graduate of a local Full-stack Software Engineering Academy but found his home helping students at Divergence. Al started as a Student Success Advisor and recently moved into the Student Finance Office. His personal interests include Data Science, spending time with his family and friends, video games, and fitness. Al is a holder of Fortinet and Microsoft certifications
Kingsley Scott
(Director of Career Development)
Kingsley spent 21 yrs in the U.S. Air Force and is now a retired veteran, Wounded Warrior, and Bronze Star medal recipient. While in service, his career field was in law enforcement/criminal investigations. He also had the opportunity for special duty as a Career Assistance Advisor. As an alumnus of both the Cybersecurity Penetration Tester and Data Science Immersive programs, he now serves as a Student Success Advisor. As an SSA, Kingsley counsels learners and alumni on career progression and planning upon course completion. SSAs are critical in connecting the Divergence learning development ecosystem across the many facets to support tiered competency-based progression in the demanding technology infrastructure.
Michael Williams
(Systems Engineer)
Michael is an alumnus of Divergence Academy's Cybersecurity Professional Penetration Tester Immersive Program. He has certifications from CompTIA and Microsoft and has transitioned to IT after a career in theatre. Before working in theatre, Mike was on active duty in the Army for three years as a Small Arms and Artillery Repairer. Today, he works in the IT Department and leads the CompTIA Network+ & Security+ Certification Prep Series.
Meegan Kriley-Mackay
(Principal Consultant, Community & Workforce Development)
Meegan has over 30 years of government and corporate experience creating, developing, and scaling teams in the classified and civilian workforce. As a Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Subject Matter Expert (SME), contractor, civilian, and entrepreneur, she has joined the Divergence team with the clear objective to empower others through a hybrid approach to Career Workforce training. This specialized and customized training will support and nurture students, staff, instructors, and partners across cultures, businesses, and teams worldwide.
Rhonda Biggs
(Student Success Advisor)
Coming soon!
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