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Are you eager to give back to the tech community, while also gaining valuable mentoring experience and expanding your professional network? Look no further than our Alumni Mentorship Program. Take part in shaping the future of the industry by guiding the next generation of tech professionals.


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By sharing your story, you can motivate and inspire current and future students, foster connections with fellow alumni, and receive recognition for your hard work and dedication. Submitting your success story is easy – just fill out our form and let your journey inspire others.


Refer Your Network | Unlock Rewards and Expand our Community

We understand the power of connections and the strength of a supportive network. That's why we've launched our Referral Program, designed to reward you for sharing the transformative Divergence Academy experience with your network. By participating, you not only unlock enticing rewards but also contribute to cultivating a dynamic community of tech professionals.


Divergence Alumni

You've successfully completed our rigorous programs, but your journey doesn't end there. As part of our vibrant alumni community, you'll continue to thrive and unlock exciting opportunities. Benefit from exclusive resources, networking events, and ongoing support to propel your career to new heights.

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Are you looking for an opportunity to give back to the tech community while expanding your own professional network and gaining valuable mentoring experience? Look no further than our Alumni Mentorship Program. Help guide the next generation of tech professionals and shape the future of the industry. With flexible commitment options and the chance to connect with other industry professionals, this program is a win-win. Sign up today and start making a positive impact on the lives and careers of current students and newly graduated Alumni.


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Give Back

Your donation, no matter how small, can make a significant difference in providing cutting-edge education and training to prepare the next generation of tech professionals. Learn about donating to scholarships and some of our favorite charities so you can drive positive change in the world and make a meaningful impact in our community and beyond.


Unlock Rewards and Empower Others Through Our Referall Program

We believe that great minds attract great minds. That's why we've created our Referral Program to reward you for sharing the Divergence Academy experience with your network.  By participating in our Referral Program, you'll contribute to building a stronger, more vibrant community of tech professionals, fostering collaboration and growth for everyone involved.


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