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Alumni Mentorship Program

You've successfully completed our rigorous programs, but your journey doesn't end there. As part of our vibrant alumni community, you'll continue to thrive and unlock exciting opportunities. Benefit from exclusive resources, networking events, and ongoing support to propel your career to new heights.

By becoming an Alumni mentor, your experience, knowledge and insights will play a big part helping military veterans not only transition into civilian life, but to succeed in the evolving world of IT. Look forward to opportunities where you can:

Give back to the Divergence community by sharing your knowledge and expertise with current students and newly graduated Alumni.
Help shape the future of the emerging tech industries by supporting and guiding the next generation of professionals.
Expand your network and connect with other Alumni and industry professionals.
Gain valuable leadership and mentoring experience that can enhance your resume and career growth.
Flexible and accommodating schedule. Choose the level of commitment that works for you, be it a one-time mentoring session or ongoing support for a current student.

Our Alumni are our greatest asset. We believe that by taking part in our Alumni Mentorship Program, you have the passion and insights to help us to grow and improve this program, while making a positive impact on the lives and careers of current students and other newly graduated Alumni.

Interested in Becoming an Alumni Mentor?

Apply today and take the first step toward giving back to the Divergence Academy community.
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