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We prepare today’s students with the technical skills needed to succeed in tomorrow’s job market. Kickstart your future with Divergence Academy.
An intimate southern community with outsized tech capabilities

Starting a career in tech takes work—but in Addison, we make time for play. With a suite of excellent options for dining and entertainment, this dense, multi-cultural city is the perfect place to prepare for an exciting career in tech. At Divergence Academy, we’ll equip you with the skills and portfolio needed to get in a room with top tech employers.

Cloud Engineer salary
DevOps Engineer salary
Data Scientist salary
Average Alabama salaries, according to Glassdoor
Learn from anywhere

Beyond offering highly intensive, ceaselessly engaging courses on all things tech, our boot camps also help you connect with employers who seek the best of the best.

Here’s what Addison grads are saying
When Don Snyder wanted to take his technical knowledge and apply it in a real-world work scenario, he turned to Divergence Academy. “I feel incredibly grateful and lucky to have been in the right place with an organization that's forward-thinking enough to offer a program like Bowsprit, so that I could get some real-world, hands-on experience.”
Don Snyder
Student placement is our #1 yardstick
Get your foot in the door at exciting tech companies—in Addison, or anywhere else across the US. We’ll prepare you for a promising career in tech.
Gain tomorrow’s tech skills, today

Our mission is to set you up for success you might wind up calling home. With our courses, you can gain market-driven skills that allow you to thrive in any tech environment.

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